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      "There, them bushes over there are shakingthey're coming out again," said Harry Joslyn, turning to run back for his gun.

      Chapter 3

      Elliott, and him havin' my picture. I am goin' to ask you to

      "Did you ever see him before?""No 1 in the front rank will face to the right, and stand fast, and take a side step to the right. Each No. 2 will face to the right, and take on oblique side step to the right to place himself on the right hand of his No. 1 man."


      "No," Marvor said. "I will go to them and bring them back and kill all the masters. I will make the masters dead.""Well, go out and pick up that many of the right kind of boys, bring them here, and have them all ready by 10 o'clock. You can find guns and ammunition for them in that room upstairs."


      "Great Scott, Pete, you must stop askin' questions," said Si desperately. "Don't you see Pm busy?"


      Shorty slipped his hand into his pocket, grasped his revolvers and eased them around so that he could be certain to draw them when he wanted to. He was determined that those men should not leave the train before the stopping place arranged for his fellow-soldiers. He felt confident of being able to handle the two, but did not know how many confederates might be in waiting for them.